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About Us -

About Us

The shopping Department has emerged as a virtual Sunday platform as a result of a partnership that has come together with decades of both art and commercial experience.

Aiming to create a virtual Sunday network that offers traditional products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, the company has aimed to be a bridge from the past to the present, although it has just been established.

Art and artist who cares about you, which has been opened for the use of our customers alisverisreyonu.com as an easy and secure system.

Enjoy your shopping.

Our vision

As an organization, our primary goal is to provide both traditional and modern arts and artists who have unfortunately faced extinction at the same speed in the e-commerce sector, which is growing at an increasing pace every day. Fabrication, mass production instead of products harmful to nature, bringing more rare, artistic natural products to the e-commerce market, reducing excess consumption while increasing the quality of production and consumption a little bit. In this way, we benefit from reducing waste and damage to nature as much as we can. To ensure that our artists and artists who produce with manual labor, regardless of what they do, generate regular and high revenues by increasing the demand for their products. By increasing the version of these products, minimizing their costs, ensuring that the consumer can access higher quality products more cheaply.


As a company, our priority is to create an online Sunday where artistic, handmade, traditional and organic products are sold where producers and consumers will meet. Produce, who produce women and women's organizations, who have performed traditional and contemporary crafts artists and art communities, farmers, persons whose toil an amateur inventor and amateur literature for free e-commerce store create and place online by providing consulting services on Sunday. What consumers demand; ensure that they access and safely purchase almost all of the rare products that they cannot provide on organic, handcrafted, artistic and other online sales sites. Completely eliminate the problems that may occur during shopping between the manufacturer and the consumer with the' full secure shopping system'. Ensuring that suppliers carry out product shipments economically, reliably and quickly by making agreements with logistics support companies. Creating a system where consumers can also track the delivery stages of the products they buy online.